Red buttons to crash your browser!

These red buttons will surprise your browser(Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.), cause bugs and lags, but it sure is fun! No harm will be done to your device, hopefully.

Below is a harmless timer ticking off...


Lag button

Pressing this button will cause infinite calculations to be done by your device. This will cause the browser to lag: you can't scroll, you can't interact, you are eating up computing power. If no effect is seen, you can take a look at the timer above (we didn't pause it deliberately)! Your present tab is paralysed and you will find it difficult to close the present tab. After a while the page will display an "Aw snap!" error that shows the page took too long to respond.
Aw snap by chrome

Your most probable outcome

White screener

Erases the contents of the present tab.

Automatic pop-up duplicator

Generates new tabs (pop-ups) non-stop. Fortunately, your browser should have preventive measures (pop-up blockers) in place. To turn off preventive measures, for Safari users, go to Settings -> Safari -> Block Pop-ups -> Off. For Chrome users, just press the blue "Always show" button that appears after pressing the red button up there. Ps: Remember to turn off those settings later.


Automatically reloads this page non-stop.


Automatically redirects to the same page non-stop. The difference between 'redirect' and 'reload' buttons is... you should check them both to know. Ps: Reloading is faster, significantly faster.

Stay alert

Sends you countless dialogs and alerts on this page. The only way to stop this is to close the tab, except for chrome users who can "suppress dialogs".

Error: 404

Sends you off to a journey of the unknown. The 404 error awaits!

Close it!

Destroys the present tab, permanently and irreversibly.